Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Now that Christmas is done...

Well, Christmas is over. The presents are all unwrapped and even the returns have been made. So, now we have to wonder if Santa has brought us the gifts we always wanted.
I have to laugh at myself a bit today. My parents left on their yearly migration, barking and snapping as they went with time-outs in the midst of it all for hugs goodbye. I'll see them again when the flowers are in bloom. And, danged if I don't find myself missing them. Even the dog is mopey. Go figure.
So, time to ask ourselves, did Santa bring the gift we really want?
I find that my soul is lonely for one beautiful and bold. One who will hold me in the night, when it's cold.
My heart is weary for the often times so many mothers cry when their son, a soldier, dies.
My hands feel useless when hunger I see, cramping the stomach of one so wee.
So I ask Santa, to return all my gifts. I realize I've forgotten so many things for my lists.
Let us open Peace. Let us unwrap Love. Let us light up forgiveness like stars up above.
Let us sing about Hope. Let us drink to Harmony. Let every cup floweth over in Plenty.
Let my Hand reach out to Your's, and Your's to Another.
Let us Give Thanks and Hug, like Brothers.
I don't know if Santa will honor such requests. I hope so.
Ask away. It couldn't hurt. Let your own requests be written below.
Have a very Happy New Year, my friends. With hugs; randy.

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