Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Grinch in Charities form...

I guess I can't be too surprised, and yet it pisses me off. The charity calls, and why is it that they always come from the "out of area" part of town, or so says my caller id? I received a call yesterday, and having learned a bit I now ask questions. The first question: Who are you and for which charity are you calling? Well, I got the name of the charity. I suspect the call was coming from a second company. So, I told the nice man that I would look up his charity and if he felt confident that his charity would meet approval he could call back in a couple of days and we would discuss it. He asked if I wanted the charity's web site? I laughed and told him that wouldn't be necessary, I would look it up. He seemed discouraged when he hung up. Here's why... The charity, which purports that it's primary recipient is children suffering from leukemia, has received an "F" rating by the BBB and other raters. Of course, its own site is full of praise. My point: No matter how good the charity sounds, do your homework. It took me very little time to work through the fluff and find the meat of this charity. It was rotten.

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