Sunday, February 17, 2013

Animal Control Angels?

They say that there is a person out there for every man, and I put that forward to dogs.  No matter how loony, how stiff, how laid back, etc... there is a dog out there just waiting to share your life with you.

  Today, we came together to give those poor critters in Animal Control their shot in the sun and their moment to shine.  
  One of the people who came in to the store, on their normal shopping runs and saw the dogs by chance, told me they were surprised by the dogs.  "I expected a batch of train wrecks", he said to me.
  I couldn't help but to ask him why he thought that.
  "Well, they were strays, thrown away....".  He seemed to run out of steam, sort of realizing what he was saying.  But, he did sort of have a point, even if he was crass enough to voice it.  These were dogs no one wanted.
          We had a group of great dogs!  I would have been proud to have any of these animals!  The dog I was handling today was a pit bull mix.  She wanted so much to play.  I think she was a bit ticked at me that I wouldn't put her with the other dogs.  She knew how to sit and stay, she walked great on the leash - just needed a few reminders about not pulling. 
  At the end of the day, five of the dogs had to go back to the Animal Control.  The dogs had a great time, saw lots of new people, got treats and scratches.  I was sad to see them have to go back, but I was glad that two found homes.
  I told that man, who was so surprised that these are just dogs:  "All a dog wants is to be loved and to love".  

  Interesting thing:  I realized that the way people view dogs is a lot like the way they view people, too.