Sunday, February 27, 2011

Born This Way - and You Are Amazing, Just the Way You Are!

Hello Friends;

I had hoped to include a video clip that was put on a wonderful new site introduced to me by our friend at Beautiful Planet. But, it won't come through. Never fear, I have a link:

As you likely guessed, the name of this new site for us is called "Born This Way". I never know what to add to the blog list and what not to....basically, I find I have no rationale for it. Sorry. But, this is one I think is great, inspirational, I think you will like it, and I'm hoping I actually remember to do it now that I said I would....getting old and losing my, uh, my uh...what were we talking about?


Let me say it to you...yes, you. You are amazing, just the way you are.


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I'd seen the 'Born This Way' site a while ago, but thanks for reminding me of it. I doubt that the few photos that existed of me in my childhood - as far as I know, there are none around now - would have shown me as anything beyond an unwontedly serious boy who didn't smile all that much, which may elucidate psychological insights of another kind, who knows?

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Anonymous said...

"Let me say it to you...yes, you. You are amazing, just the way you are" - and alltogether we have power!!
I want it to say in german: der einzelne kann wenig ausrichten - die Menge bekommt die Macht - siehe französiche Revolution, deutesche Wiedervereinigung, Revolution in Tunesien, Ägypten, Libyen und andere Beispiele.
Have many looks to Africa and Arabia.

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
Yeah, I don't know if there are too many of me. I found some this weekend...I sure was a little goofy looking kid. Glad I finally grew into that nose. :)
Well, Sammy, that little boy still exists....he is inside you. Give him a hug today - and a smile, too.
Sending a hug;

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
thank you.