Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What? I just don't get it?

Hello Friends;

  If you, like me, had unfortunate and necessary plans that denied you the opportunity to see most of the super bowl 2012, then you, like me, likely also only heard the uproar and repeated boo-hoos from the Republicans about one particular commercial. 
  And, likely, like me you found that not only could you really care less about the continued bashing of anything the republicans are willing to countenance as worthy of their stodgy time, but - conversely -  you were also quite confused as to why it would be so horrible in the first place.  Having not seen the issue, all I could go on was Fox News - which I now understand is a parody of reality and has always been a comedy channel.  Who knew?
  Well, the opportunity to see the offending commercial came, and I'd like to show you what I saw.  I don't understand the problems the republicans have with it.  But, then, there is a lot of their humor I just don't get.

   Personally, I found the commercial encouraging.  Uplifting.  Optimistic.  And, in a troubled economy, it's wonderful to have someone let you know that the game isn't over.  It's a feel good, hope inspiring, and even patriotic "go team!" type of message.  And, yet the republicans and fox hate it.  Why?  Again, must be part of that humor that just goes over my head.  I'll try to presume they are being funny, that the broom handle shoved all the way up their ass is tickling a portion of the brain most of us never experience, and leave them to their comedy troup.



Scottie said...

Hello Randy. James and Ron and I all love it. Both Ron and James said they found it inspiring and uplifting. So what the heck is the beef. Hugs, Scottie

Anonymous said...

i heard about the uproar about this commercial now having seen it there must be some crazy people in this world.... however, i think the republicans don't like this commercial because it sounds like Obama's policies worked.

randy said...

Hello all;
I'm glad I wasn't the only one to think that the "republican response" was out of line and odd.