Thursday, December 26, 2013

You know how they say "common sense isn't so common"?

Well, I guess the same can be said for common decency.

You know, when I look at things political, it occurs to me that there is a great deal of self interested, self important, self centered thought being bandied about as "political policy".
  In my area there are a number of folks in a far better financial position than I.  That is not something I begrudge them; I'm sure they are all hard working folks.  What bothers me is that these same people who have no concern about meeting their food needs, who live in nice warm homes and have warm solid clothing, would dare stand up and declare that they are 'tired of financing the lives of a bunch of lazy good for nothings'.  Now, who do you suppose they believe so unfortunate as to need their help?  Do you suppose it is a bunch of people who would rather see their children hungry, cold, poorly educated than go find a good paying job?
  I recently looked at the job postings in our local paper.  There were three.  One: part time bus driver.  Two: millwright.  Three:  Registered Nurse.  This is a fairly large market that once boasted numerous factories and founderies.  They are now gone.  The buildings stand empty or were torn down.  The heyday of the 60's - early 90's made this a great middle income area.  Those jobs are now in Mexico, India, China, but we are still here, still hungry.  And, what's more mind-boggling is that those factory workers who once would strike for better wages are now voting republican.... the very folks who seem to just love destroying unions!
  When Republicans give all of their attention to the fat cats who grow fat by labor in other countries, who stomp about in their self-righteousness and declare themselves "job producers" yet refuse to pay living wages for the few jobs in the country, then believe themselves fiscally responsible when they starve out the poor and shrinking middleclass, it is no wonder they seek to increase the loyalty of gun owners!    But, the funny thing about people:  quietly choke the resource supply and people will fight among themselves rather than the power choking the resource supply.  Suddenly, those who are choking the resources down are being actively supported by the stronger of the very people being choked.  Worse, those supporters feel supremely justified in their support.


Jay M. said...

As always, you make perfect sense. I want to see the numbers of people who are not looking for work, as if SNAP and other assistance can make up for a living wage (minimum wage is NOT a living wage). ARGH! Makes me crazy!

Peace <3

Scottie said...

WOW Randy, you have such a way with words when you decided to write and put your heart into it.

I love how Congress can vote for raises in corporation subsidies, and for their own increase in office and supplies and all their perks, including raising their own pay a few years back. Nothing is too good for them, or their more wealthy friends. Randy I would love to put this on the Toy Box Just because it is that good and I can't get you to write on either toy Boxes. Thanks Hugs,

Jay M. said...

Yeah, he does write really, really well! It's why I come back over and over again. Good stuff.

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy: I predict here and now:
Next elections coming, the fight against LGBT-youth will be increased, --- just to camouflage the republican fight ("republican") for the continuing reps fight against any "social insurance" for the poor.
... and again the poor will not notice .... because they arecheated by the reps' fight against the new jews, the LGBT-youth!!
This is the way, the elefants increase their overall yields.
<3 miles

randy said...

Thank you Jay and Scottie;
Having money does not make a person wise or industrious, not having money does not mean a person is dumb or lazy. To some, this will come as a shock, I bet.


randy said...

Hi Miles;
I wanted a moment to think on your comment, and I found myself agreeing with you. I think it is all "smoke and misdirection", and it concerns me. It's much easier to understand people who hate just to hate than those who through the innocent to the wolves as a ploy to get their own wants and desires.


randy said...

oops, meant "..throw the innocent..."