Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Little Help from my Friends...

Hi Everyone!

  For Christmas, I asked for a blue ray player.  Hey, they asked, I said what I wanted.  Well, I didn't get it... did get $100 towards it.  So, here is where I need help:

1.  Do I buy a blue ray player... or
2.  Do I buy a Roku???

What blue ray?  What Roku?   Why?

I want to release you all to give your opinion.  I won't be angry if I follow your opinion to find it not a good choice some time later.  What I really want is your thoughts since I have no experience with either product.

If you would rather, make your opinion to my email:

I really do feel a bit in the wind on this, so your thoughts are greatly appreciated.




Anonymous said...

For $100, you can get a BluRay that will stream most of the services like Netflix, Hulu, Flickster, etc. so I think in many cases you can get the advantage of being able to play discs as well as streaming with a BluRay player.

I've never used a Roku, but even if it streams the world, you still can't borrow a disc and play it, or hit the Redbox on the way home from work. Plus, with the Roku, you MUST have Internet access, the BluRay will work without it.

Peace <3

Scottie said...

I am sorry Randy, as I already told you it is easy to get a Bluray player for under $100 but I know nothing of the Roku. I looked at compusa and it looks like they have a good selection. Hugs

randy said...

Thanks Jay and Scottie

I should mention... I do have internet... couldn't live without it! It went out one day. I'm still finding pieces of my mind scattered here and there....
I am leaning towards the bluray. But, the Roku has me interested...


Anonymous said...

I just think that a modern BluRay will do almost everything a Roku can do, plus play DISCS!

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

I may be late but here's my 2 cents. Roku and Apple TV and now ChromeCase allow you to play your computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone on your TV so what ever you can do on your electronic device you can do on your tv.

Very important: You need to have a more modern tv for almost any BluRay/DVD player - mostly for the connection. I bought a DVD player and couldn't connect it to my perfectly working (but 10 year old) tv. Sometimes you can get converters but I decided to upgrade my tv. I have ChromeCast which is about double the size of a memory stick - it's just $35 BUT you must use Chrome to stream it.

randy said...

Hi Sean;
No, you aren't too late... I'm such a procrastinator and cheap sob to boot that I've not spent the money yet.
I'm not familiar with the ChromeCast thing. I'll have to look into that.
What bothers me is that all the blueray I look at on Amazon's site all list a large number of used and refurbished. Perhaps a silly question, but if the player is so good as to earn such a high rating from Amazon, why the large number of used and refurbished? That would indicate dissatisfaction, no?