Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow, what a week....

Hi Everyone; I've had a difficult week. Not bad difficult, but challenging. It has me worn out a bit, feeling a bit mellow. I sat down today and thought about what I want to share with you. I decided that I wanted to share just a little love and support. I'll post the naughty pictures later ;).
This last picture has me feeling lonely. Well, maybe more than just the last one. Sometimes I get so immersed into work or my business that I lose track of days, then along comes a moment where I have some spare moments, some quiet moments, and I realize just how quiet things really are. A great friend, a wonderful heartstrong and smart man, blogged today about how he was going through his difficulties and yet he finished speaking about them with a phrase that left me with a smile and even a tear for him. He talked about his blessings....the wonderful things he has going for him. Chief among his blessings is his husband. That was so special in my mind.
We get caught in our troubles, sometimes. We become immersed in pain, in lonliness, in wanting a love we just can't have. We talk about the injustice of the world, the costs are rising and the income is falling....... and it is in this last picture, especially, for me that tells me that everything can be ok. I don't have someone special in my life. But, there will be a day, and I will hopefully remember this moment and be sure to count my blessings.

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