Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pics with interesting and odd aspects

Hello friends; I found this in the net, on various places but most on the old tumble. Interesting place, never really visited before. Anyway, these pics caught my eye for being different. Some I don't quite have an understanding of the meaning....guess I'm a bit naive. Still, take a look and let me know what you think. Many Thanks to the originators in the land of the tumble. The intensity of the expression, it seemed so very sad even...
and it makes me wonder if it's an act or real???
This one I liked the coloring and minimalization of something grand.


Anonymous said...

I can't comment on all of those at once!

But the boxer might be gay - there are such things as gay fighters - though it might be hard to see how you could really do for a guy you fancied rotten!

The Goth is supposed to look - well, you know.

And one of those pics of younger guys is probably older than the internet although the other plainly isn't.

Lovely selection though - but if you can post them in smaller numbers then we may just comment on them more easily! (No pleasing some folks is there? Ha ha!)

randy said...

Ok, Micky...
I shortened this up a bit. I guess they were a bit much. Also, I hope you know the other post was just in fun. No offense meant.
Many hugs; randy.