Friday, June 18, 2010

Some beautiful and calming vids...

This posting will have two vids by boy singers.....I seem to be on a particular line with that who you will know is Libera singing Time. A very peaceful, deep song. The other vid I know nothing about. Zero. I don't even know what the man and boy are I hope it's appropriate. I liked it, though, and both are cute. JR, listen very closely to the words of Libera. You will find something mirroring your last comment. Miles, is the other something you can translate a bit? I hope so....he is a good singer, and singing in something like German or perhaps the Norwegian tongues. My friends, this music so settles my soul. I hope you will find them enjoyable.


J said...

Hey Randy! That is what is so great about music and singing, it doesn't matter what language it is sung in, it is still so beautiful.

Thank you for posting Libera "Time". What a beautiful song and very talented boys! I love the lyrics of the song especially "I'll rise in the spark of life, The dawn of all time. I'll call to the world still yet to be. The music is everywhere, In life, in the sea and air, To join in the perfect song of all eternity.

Hugs, JR

Anonymous said...

The guy singing is former Dutch child star Danny de Munk. As a boy himself, Danny played Ciske in the 1984 film "Ciske de Rat" The boy with him in the clip is Dave Dekker, who took the lead role in a stage production of "Ciske de Rat".
The language is Dutch, and the song is called "Laat Ons Niet Alleen", which roughly translates to "Don't Leave Us Alone"

Hope it helps.
Best wishes - TheDaveFrom1952

randy said...
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randy said...

Hi Dave,
I didn't like how that first one came out...Thank you so much for joining the blog. And, also, thank you so much for the info. I have never seen Ciske de Rat, but will look for it. Also, I want to hear more of Danny De Munk. he is a great singer!
What I found really nice too is the chance to revisit these two songs. It's been a bit since I listended to them and I enjoyed the chance to do so. I need to do this more often.
I have learned a great deal since starting this blog and sharing with people...or more, as people share with me. I have not had the chance to travel, and this is how I now do so. Thank you again for the opportunity to seek more from this pair. -randy.