Saturday, December 11, 2010

I think I'm tired of winter already...

Hello everyone;
It's been a difficult week. I've had the company of my parents, normally not a horrible thing - at least in short doses, but...well, it's been a long time since it was more than just me and the dog for any extended time and I've had them here since before Thanksgiving. The dog is loving the extra attention, of course. And, with the funeral being put off a coming in just a matter of's been an extra stressful time with this open sore in my heart and mind. So, I decided I needed something nice to look at for a moment, something warm and wet and...well, and thought I would share same with you. Happy viewing! -randy


Anonymous said...

Hugs, many hugs

randy said...

Thank you, Scottie;

I see you are looking at long hours. Bummer! Stay well and rested, my friend. Hugs to you. randy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy. I am very tired. I am back on four 12's a week. Today I slept most of the day. Doing laundry now, have to work tomorrow. Ron is going to our directors party but I am just too tired to even think of going.

I think of you often and may your season get happier and brighter. May you find that place inside you that brings you peace and understanding.

Much love, best wishes, and grand hugs.

randy said...

Thank you Scottie.