Sunday, December 12, 2010

...and Liberty and Justice for All?

Hello Everyone; Since beginning this blog and looking for things to share, it has been my distinct pleasure and chagrin to be often surprised and humbled by youngsters. Kids, really, what do they know? Well, somewhere along the way they listened to the words and the meanings without the duplicity the adults mix into the message. Such is the case below. I would encourage you to watch this video. Rather than simply posting the vid, I am posting the link as I noticed other vids in the same area very worthwhile and interesting. Please let me know what you think. Thanks to Amar for bringing it to my attention and allowing me to steal it from him to post here. :)


Micky said...

Mmmn yeah, OK. And now, in his own words . . .

Great sentiment though and, hopefully, at ten years old he took the decision he agreed with it before he agreed.

Micky said...

He he! sorry - I was trying to say that he presumably agreed with meaning of what he was going to say before he made the video.

I'm just always a bit suspicious when adult organisations' logos are used and some of the expressions he used seemed to have come from someone rather older than ten.

randy said...

Hi Micky;
You know, I give you that one. But, perhaps it is a message only a child could give? I will say the symetry and symbolism were a bit mature, so, either he's quite precocious or someone is helping him with his homework. Thanks for making the point...a good point. -randy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Micky and dear Randy,
aren't there lots of kids bein NOT influenced by what their parents think?
..., and considering his eleborate speach.:
When I was young they made me go to switzerland, just to get a lil bit Fed :)
Within these Three month's I spoke Switzer-duitch (?) perfectly, and when I was back in Germany, In no time I spoke German again with no hint of those 3 month I was in the Swiss.
;) :)
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;
Well, he was very well spoken, wasn't he. I think I will still agree with Micky that his words were coached...that doesn't take away from the message, though, does it? Glad to see you here, Miles...
hugs; -randy.