Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hello friends, welcome to the nuthouse...

You know it's a political year, that elections are coming, when the most ridiculous gains place above the very real and scary aspects of life. 

  I've grown so very disillusioned with the manner in which news is presented in this country.  Fox is getting downright shameless in their promotion of an agenda.  Is that the role of the news-broadcasters in our world now?  Not to tell you what is going on, but to find news to fit a political agenda?
  I guess what scares me is that Fox is so blatant about it, but do all do this?
  Some of the recent "you are kidding, right?" for Fox news is decrying the new Muppets movie as part of a communist agenda.  Why?  Because the antagonist for the movie is an oil driller, seeking to bulldoze the Muppets' stage because he found oil there.'s a movie.  You do know that Muppets aren't real, right?  But, up in arms they go, marching off as to war against the enemy....
  So what got me on this rant....  well, I won't even dignify it with words, just this link (WTF!!!) .  I'll let you see the vid and you will understand my incredulity.
  What has become of our country?  Why do people just accept any bs as real and true.  Why don't they use their eyes, observe the world about them?  I know that I am in a small bubble of the world, a small bubble to my state even.  I see things from my perspective, I understand that.  And, I know that I sometimes come off as having the answers....I just want to have a conversation in which we talk about the reality, not the preset bull.  I want to believe that my presence on this planet is not to acquire wealth and step on people smaller than me.  I want to believe that we can be more than we are....I don't want to work towards being selfish and small.
  I've considered repeatedly dropping this blogging exercise.  And, to be honest, there are days when I really just don't like it at all.  When I see things so blatantly under my dignity to even acknowledge but find them to be so prevalent.  What is going on??  How can people be so dumb??  But, small moments come and I hear from people all over the world who tell me about their thoughts, their beliefs, and it is so cool.  Maybe my life is not so small, so closed in this little corner of my world.  Maybe I can go out of this world knowing that I did one thing worth while and cried out to the world ......  THINK!     Well,  you know the old saw...those that can't do, teach.  :)
hugs everyone.


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
There is an agenda, of course, one that is antithetical to the aims, in so far as there are specific aims, of the 'Occupy' groundswell. The agenda seeks to sustain and reinforce the privileged position of the '1%', their power, influence, and above all. wealth, and seeks to facilitate that status quo by aiming to convince the ovine masses to vote in such a way as to make it easier for the 1% to subjugate everyone else. Why do so many of 'the people' accept this in such a supine way? Because the agenda consciously panders to their prejudices, 'keep the (women/gays/blacks/immigrants/Muslims/atheists/insert any other of your favourite bugbears) in their place', defrauding the electorate out of their votes by playing on selfishness and bigotry.
As far as carrying on in Blogland goes, only you can decide if it's appropriate for you. I've had similar doubts on a number of occasions, but the 'cost/benefit analysis' has, hitherto, encouraged me to persevere. I would be sorry to see you leave, because your posts are interesting and thought-provoking, and you're obviously a caring and compassionate person, but, ultimately, only you can make the decisive call.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Thank you, Sammy;
As you know, perhaps the most difficult thing with doing a blog is to find the things that you want to talk about and present them in such a manner as to make sense of them. The irony is that I learn more from looking into these stories and then hearing other's opinions than I would by just reading and forming my own. But, sometimes, like this WTF link, I get so flabbergasted and confounded by the insipid bs that passes for reality for these people. I know they are smart, and I know they know what they do is wrong, and they do it anyway...which is worse. It's journalistic prostitution....there it is, fox news is full of sluts and hoars. I guess that is wrong to say, but, journalistically, if one sells his conscience for money, sells his journalistic integrity for a few bucks and a spot in the front of a camera....maybe that's what it is. Wow...I can't believe I said that. ...
I don't know how long I'll stay with this, but I hope to be able to say the things that should be said. I just want people to think about things....
hugs my friend.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Randy
grumbling and cursing and swearing frees the spirit!
This is also a point that I do not understand about America. The children are often punished when they swear, at the same time they are encouraged to defend or reach their rights by force of arms.

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
That is odd, isn't it? Well, there we are. I wish I could remake things a bit, but boy am I the wrong cook for that mix!!!
Hang in there and hope, I guess, that we some how find our paths to be leaving this 'mortal coil' before the insanity is too great, huh.

Scottie said...

Randy I am beyond sputtering when I read or watch clips like the one you showed. But the question you asked that I think is most important is about the blatant way fox is doing this ( and yes there are others who slant their delivery of the news, just not to the extent I think that fox does )is why do people not see the out right fabrications, the miss-delivery of news?

We all know people who believe it hook, line and as they say, sinker. Who swear by it. I work with people who even after you point out the lies, show them on the internet a distortion of the facts, who will only believe the fox account.

When rick Scott was running for Governor of Florida, fox backed him totally. When I pointed out the falsehoods and problems with him that fox was not telling people...they claimed I was wrong...he was those same people are against him...but they don't see they were duped in the first place.

It was there if they looked..but now he is a major threat to our health care system and our jobs because he is a major for profit health care player and we are non- for - profit.

But the still swear by the validity of fox news.

So why do people believe what they most want to even if it is the most with out creditably, and not believe what is most credible when it doesn't fit their wants?

Hugs, Scottie

randy said...

I would scream the irony that fox is a dog and pony show, but I hate to give dogs and ponies a bad name.
Hi Scottie; You got further in the vid that I did, I think. I was just pushed beyond my limit.
Dad and I had a conversation about a news item when he was visiting for Thanksgiving when I began to rant and rave... he reminded me that I know very little about the item being discussed, only what the news told me. I hadn't researched it, I hadn't seen it happen. All I knew is the facts from the smiling face, and I was off on the races... and dang it, he was right. It came quite clear to me that I was ranting from I wanted to be true, what I believed to be true from my own viewpoint - a prejudiced one as it was based not on the issue but on my beliefs going into the issue. I really hate it when he's right.
Maybe it's the new Barnum and Bailey circus, Fox news and others, where "a sucker is born every minute".

hugs my friend;