Friday, November 30, 2012

My current drink of choice...

Hello my friends;

  I was in the kitchen just now, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up the remainder of the dinner mess from tonight, thinking how I hadn't posted anything recently.  I then realized that I didn't post anything because I haven't had much going on - no drama.  I've been blessed to have the opportunity to "take a week off" - and by that I mean, I'm only working one job this week!  It seems like vacation!

  So, what's new?  Well, being a relatively non-drinker type (I usually top out at two beers, and though a heavyweight in most definitions, a clear bantam weight in alcohol - three beers makes me giggle), I was given a mixed drink despite my assurances that I don't drink mixed drinks.  People rarely listen to me, I've found.  It was an apple liquer in hot apple juice, and I really liked it.  Made me warm :).     Well, I've not been able to find said apple liquer, but here is my new favorite drink:

Tall glass - say 16 oz. water glass.
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.
Apple juice. 

Put in some Rum.  Yeah, that's enough.
Fill glass with Apple Juice.  Apple cider is good, too!
Microwave until toasty warm.


I've heard that a cinnemon stick is nice.....

What are your favorites and suggestions for me to try?  Remember, I'm not a big drinker - I don't do wine, and I'm not much for whiskey.   I do like a bit of Bailey's Irish Creme in my coffee - maybe, because like this, it warms me nicely.   I like the warm feeling, not the burning!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is SOOOO GOOD!!! I've done this many times, and I LOVE it!!!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
We drink something similar here in Germany, it is made from wine or cider. It is called "Glühwein".
Here's an explanation:

There are countless recipes. Importantly though, the wine not to heat above 78 ° C.
I cook the sugar and spices in a little water. Then I add the wine - but do not boil.

Well bekomms!


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I'm a bit of a beer monster (!), but I have been known, on occasions, to drink brandy and Appletise (a fizzy apple juice based drink). More of a summer drink, with ice, though, I guess.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. when I was in the military I learned to drink beer. I drank some as a folks gave me bottles of cheap wine, and they had booze everywhere. But I never was a drinker, for my own sanity. Too many drunk people did bad things to me.

In the service I learned to drink beer. Then I went to Germany where I learned I liked their style of "guest house", where my Sargent took me to play different games, talk and drink. I learned about liqueurs and mixed drinks. I learned I liked schnapps, and liqueurs. But when I got home I did not drink for a long time.

Now I find it helps my bad pain to have very weak mixed drinks. I mix them with my soda that has no calories, no sodium, no caffeine, and no carbs. I mix them weak. But I do enjoy have a few drinks. When I have a few drinks I can skip some of my more heavy duty medications.

Here is my take on drinking. If you are not hurting others, not damaging your self, not letting it rule your life or ruin your social ability, then enjoy. You have that right. I watch so many stupid things, so many people with end of life hurts and regrets, and I say...hey if if you have a chance for happiness, for enjoyment, for relaxation, go for it.

On the other hand, I like bourbon, pure bourbon and it is costly. So I don't get it often. Jack is my choice. But when do keep wines in the house, and vodka for Ron and we plan to have a full booze cabinet when we get the hose fixed up. It is the way we grew up. each home had a stocked and full booze cabinet.

I will show Ron your new drink and we will try it. If you find others you like, let us know. many hugs

Scottie said...

LOL that next to last paragraph had a few spelling should have read "when we get the HOUSE fixed up"..not the hose...and we do keep wine in the house...not when we keep wine....LOL...hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy?
I dont drink Any booze or beer or wine since 1972. And I shall not change that good habit.
it's no good to try to kill problems with booze, and I personnally run into problems everyday, cause I have a nack for finding problems. :) :)
With rainbowhugs to all around
<3 miles

randy said...

Wow.... so many comments! Thank you to you all... I will try your suggestion Sammy and Nikki. Miles, I understand what you are saying about not needing anything that increases chances of getting in trouble. I don't go out if I've had anything to drink. Scottie, Mom and Dad like black russians, southern comfort manhattans, and they've recently said they like Seagram's Honey Dark. Me.... sticking to the Bud light and occasional apple juice and rum.

hugs everyone!!!