Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speaking to me from 50-years ago

When I was in college, my very limited exposure to Victor Frankl was most inspiring. He was a psychologist interred into Hitler's camps, and he spoke later about maintaining his positive view of humanity and himself. I was amazed that he could lift his face high, and even more so that he could view his captors and jailers as humans and not monsters.

We live in an age of retribution, demonization, and demoralization. We beat others down for their crimes and mistakes, seek to keep them down, and somehow find ourselves in the ditch right along with the ones we wish to derail. The recent issue of Anthony Weiner, a man with perhaps some issues but talented and capable in his profession, resigned today due to "the distraction" (the sexting) has caused his work and his party.

The simple fact of our life in this day is that the media dictate the reality. JFK is rumored to have numerous flings and other issues that would drive a current day newsroom into spontaneous orgasm for hours, and yet he is most known for his works and attempts, not his failures. Perfection is denied any and every man but perhaps one, and if these same reporters were to look so closely at their own life they would be ashamed to splash another's. Songs and anecdotes have cried the "there's no good news" for years, "it bleeds it leads", and other such so-called news.

I am as guilty or more than the next guy. I am often speaking ill when I should be lifting up, negative when I should be positive, pessimistic when should be optimistic. But, I'm learning.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
was that speach a graduating-speach? The speaker reminds me of a german political comedian "Dieter Hildebrand" (

Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
As you suggest, many of the 'great' figures of the past wouldn't last 5 minutes in today's 'style over substance' world - JFK with his sexual peccadilloes, Churchill with alcohol and depression issues, Alexander the Great, bisexual and another who had his bad moments with wine, to name but three. The media vultures love it, but 'let he that is without sin cast the first stone'.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
sorry, but I quite don't agree with your following statement:

"The simple fact of our life in this day is that the media dictate the reality."

Media are influenced, ... by the "big advertizing industry", - setting the standards, fishing for the highest quota.

There is no independent media.

Greetings from R. Murdoch. :(


randy said...

Hi Nikki;
Since you are first, let me answer yours firs.....
This is Victor Frankl, a brilliant psychologist. He used a term called "zeitgeist" in reference to the readiness of a people to accept ideas and such. In this vid, he speaks on the importance of lifting our expectations of a man, or of man in general, and by doing so we can lift him to a higher being. It is essentially "if you tell someone they're rotten, and then they act rotten, why be surprised?".
You may enjoy his writing. I think him profound in some very simple issues.
But, he was very funny, too!
Thanks for the visit.

randy said...

Hi Sammy;

You are so very right. And, the sadness is, it takes away from any good works they could be doing. The goomba that stays out of the negative headlines does well when he could be dumb as a rock at his job. It's very counterproductive!
Glad you stopped by!

randy said...

Hi Miles;
This is one area where I think we agree and disagree in the same moment. This is why I think so: the news agencies are owned by the corporations, the sponsors and money shakers, who then must be catered to so to keep the newsies in operation.
Weber, a contemporary of Marx, spoke of ideaism. The corporations strongly influence the news agencies, advertise, indicate what is important and what isn't, influence the show content, etc.
We need just a bit of love for our fellow man.
Hugs Miles;

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. One of the hardest things in my positive life, is to not say anything bad ( negative ) about anyone else. Especially a co-worker. Very hard. I work in a pressure cooker environment as you know, and one of the things that my co-workers love about me is I tend to stay happy and upbeat even as we are melting down. I am willing to help no matter how crazy or buried we are.

But lately as I have had to do extra duties of stocking or filling bins or cleaning up something I feel should have been done by night shift, I have found my self voicing my frustration. The nurses do this all the time...look at the mess the night shift nurse left for me.

This does more than voice frustration, it effects people in real time and here is why. One of the night time tech's just got a horrible write up which could keep himfrom a raise, effect his employment, and made him feel horrible about his job, co-workers, and self. Was it deserved? Lets start with saying this guy is having horrible problems at home with a wife who is leaving him and trying to take his children away from him, and she is a convicted drug user who can't keep a job. Even if he gets a divorce it will cost him over a $1000 dollars a month and his rights to see his children.

The morning he told me about the write up, I thought back to the many times I had complained out loud about him to my own co-workers, just venting steam. I never thought more of it. That morning he asked if I had any problem with him and he wondered who could have gone that far against him. It struck me and this is the big point....I do not know what he does all night, I have never worked nights, I don't know his duties, who he helped, what is really expected of him, does he get the help I get from co-workers and others. My life is so different from his, could I really judge.

I hated the fact that my simple venting may have been one more straw added to his pile, and who knows which one broke the camels back. I hated that I may have without thought caused him great pain. Now I have to live with this.

So I have made it a real part of my being not to say needless or baseless negative stuff about anyone. If I don't know I wont speculate. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt as I hope they give me the same. I would rather uplift than tear down.

Thanks for the post Randy. I hope each of us can help each other and together we will move others to join us.


randy said...

Thank you so much for sharing that. It's hard to look at some situation so very frustrating and not vent that frustration. It's even harder to change the bad habit of doing this. Thank you for showing the consequences of not lifting people up.
hugs and more hugs;