Sunday, September 5, 2010

Troye Sivan, growing up

Hey gang; I love to find child singers and hear the growth potential. It is some odd desire to know them before they become famous, I guess. But, it is usually a disappointment to find their voices going to other venues as the hormones kick in. Declan is perhaps top in this list. He held such a beautiful voice for so long, but it is a bit out of control at the moment. I hope to hear his voice return to him as he matures. Troye Sivan, actor in theater and cinema, and of course, child singer of great talent, has a place on know the place. His voice has, by evidence of below, grown even more beautiful. I hope to hear so very much more from him......maybe then we can hear a bit less from miss montana?


Anonymous said...

Troye always be superb!! Congratulation for the fantastic site.
with a hug my friend.

randy said...

Thank you Pablo;
I am so glad you like my little place here. I so enjoy Troye Sivan's singing. Isn't it great that he hasn't lost his voice!?
Just this weekend I saw a recent vid of Declan, and I see that he is finding his again. He needs to find the songs that fit his voice, but when he does....magic.
Thank you for commenting and thank you for being a part of this blog. hugs, too. -randy.

randy said...

Oh, and I like your site too, Pablo....always have. Thanks. R