Saturday, November 20, 2010

The eyes have it...

"I feel pretty....Oh, so pretty..." Finally proof of reincarnation. Meet the former Wilford Brimley
The men in the Hoot Family are just a bit special,
to the embarrassment of the women. Huey, Dewey, and Louis see their first 747
And, then....and then, the vet....he said he had to check!
"Yeah, as a mattah o'fact, Polley do wanna'
whatever else yous got"
What part of 'No Solicitors' do you not understand?
"I can not believe you said that! I say 'good day'.
"Hey! A bit of privacy!"
a special thanks to m.Cavignaux
"Ha! Oh, wow....that's hillarious. Right in the midst of...."
"Ok, that's enough of your humor young man!"
"I said, 'No! You may Not take my picture'. Do we understand now?"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, seeing them was a big hoot.

randy said...

Ha! Ok, one for you, Brian. I don't know what it was that struck me today but, well, there they are. I think it was the eyes that seemed to show such character. thanks for commenting! -randy

J said...

I loved the owl pics and the quotes!!! They really are beautiful birds! JR

randy said...

Hi JR;
I'm so glad you like them. They seem to have such character and just looking at the pics I could imagine the thoughts. Hugs -randy