Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's not so far

Oh, my child, you just don't see.  The road is before you, one day you'll be free.  I know you feel pain and shame, fear that binds, and you think the only way out is to die.  But that despair, little one, is one hundred percent lie.
  Oh, my child, you just don't see.  We root for you every day, wanting you to believe.  I'd carry the weight for you, I'l share your load.  But the butterfly must struggle to fly or never be so bold. 
  There is going to be pain, struggle and some loss.  But the life you will gain is worth every cost.  Just don't despair, your journey is but begun.  Don't give up, you've nearly won.

Dedicated to all who feel they just can't go live anymore.  We love you.  Hold on.



Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
Very nice. And all too sadly apposite to yet another recent tragedy.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Scottie said...

Thank you Randy. Evan had an interesting comment on my site. I will post it now. you know, How great would it be to give these young people the warmth they are wishing for, the hugs , the friends. He was the only one out at his school, but he couldn't have been the only one there. The math doesn't add up. So if we could take away the fear, maybe we could save a few young lives.
Hugs, Scottie

Evan said...

Very well said Randy. Every time another young person takes their own life it pains me. Yet all we can do is express support and try to raise awareness. Will it do any good? I don't know but my conscience says to do anything that might help.


Anonymous said...

Hi to all friends of bullied GLBT youth.
Every effort to raise awareness of extreme rightwing "Christians" preaching hate,is a good effort.
Any effort, we can take to express support to the GLBT youth is in fact well worth it.

But this, dear friends, is not enough!
We also - in my opininion - have to tell those Oldtestamentarian rightwing "Christians" again and again that their pledging for hate and bullying against GLBT youth, is NOT covered by religious freedom.--- cause it violates the American constitutional rights, given to ALL peole.
So we would also have to ask GLBT organisations to press for actions
against those Oldtestamentarian rightwing "Christians" that their pledging for hate and bullying against GLBT youth, is NOT covered by religious freedom.
Purple shirt days, like we have one today, surely help pressed and bullied GLBT youth, by giving them our solidarity, the least we can do.
But we have to take some greater aktion to bring this problem into awareness of the whole society.
At least 10% of our societies belong to GLBT.
We are a much greater part of the society, than those Oldtestamentarian rightwing hating "Christians".

Maybe even telling people, that these haters are misused by rightwing GOP- and teaparty politicians, to cover up their real aims of suppressing society for the sole benefit of the rich greedy investors and big stockholders --- has to be taken into considerations.

Only joint efforts will help!

<3 miles

randy said...

Hello Everyone;
Thank you for your comments.