Saturday, October 22, 2011

I admit to being a bit in the dark...

Hello friends;
  This whole "Occupy Wall Street" thing is extraordinarily interesting to me.  The protests of the 60's were beyond my time, and the only things really being protested in my generation were the demise of parachute pants and 'member's only' jackets.  What can I say, the 80's were weird.
  So, when we listen to the news broadcasts and we realize that this is the very heart and soul of America, it is even more interesting to see the modern day royalty be offended by the protests.  Even more interesting to see the paid mouthpieces of the establishment spin this into a coalition of punks rather than a sincere effort to end a very unfair practice. 
  I wonder how callous the powers be that they forget such outcries were the first words of this baby nation, and how that ended.  I can't believe an armed revolution is in the works, but it surely would be interesting to see what happens when the power structure continues to refuse to listen and address these folks concerns.
  Maybe it's time for a real third party in this country.  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
I've seen the protests in the 60/70er and also participated. We demonstrated for codetermination in the workplace and in universities and schools - against the influence of the clergy in the state and public institutions - liberalization of criminal law, including sexual criminal law - against the Vietnam War - generally against all wars - against the stationing of missiles and nuclear bombs our country - against capitalism.
At that time, mainly students and members of peace organizations and supporters of the green idea were demonstrating. Where the students are today? You can not see them on the street during demonstrations - they prefer to go "shopping", are totally apolitical. Today demonstrate 50-80 years (at least here in Germany), therefore the same as 30 years ago. The young prefer to sit in front of their game consoles and escape into the virtual worlds.The young prefer to sit in front of their game consoles and escape into the virtual worlds. Today, it is more important to know the brand of underwear and to also demonstrate this - to be a standard adapted consumer, than to form a political opinion and to show it.
And then come into play the mass media who manipulate the masses both then and now - "paid mouthpieces of the establishment". They are the true opinion leaders and are agents of their clients. There are few independent and free media. The critical media here in Germany are all part of the "public service media" who are paid by fees.

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
I wonder if the young people today are feeling so out of control of the politics? Like they have no power? Or, do they feel like they have no place in protesting? Perhaps it isn't a part of the culture anymore. I've seen some young people make comments against these protests. It occurred to me that they were quite ignorant of the problems and thought they were being witty...ok, I'll front them was and the young lady here felt that the protesters were bums. That's right out of Fox news.
Dave Ramsey has a point in that the protest really needs to understand the point of it's protest. 'if you don't know what you are fighting for' sort of thing.
It's obvious there is a problem. I'm not saying I know what it is, to define it, but I hope someone in leadership begins to pay attention.