Sunday, March 9, 2014

A bit of my reality.

This is my Gracie.  I took this pic last year, just about Mother's Day.

And, this is a very real part of our day.
  I was really glad to see I'm not alone.


Anonymous said...

Now you have me hankering for spring even more! And yes, that's how "play with me and the ball" works in a dog's mind. Mine did that constantly. His favorite trick was to chase the ball, grab it, come back to me, then play keep away. If I turned to leave, he'd run and drop it on my feet and not leave me alone until I played some more.

Peace <3

Scottie said...

Love the bushes and flowers, and Gracie looks grand. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Jay;
My first dog would love to go get the ball, then she would run off and chew it to tatters.
Gracie, I've found, will only give up the ball if I bribe her with another. So, I have to have at least two toys to play any catch game.
It made it up to mid-40's today. Sunshine!! Oooh, there was warm sunshine!
But, would you believe they are flashing "Winter Storm Watch" on the tv screen!! That's just wrong! What's worse... I just broke my snowblower!
I'm so ready for Spring!


randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Those Lilac bushes came from my Grandparent's place.. both my Mom' and my Dad's. I really like them, too.
I keep trying to get the neighbor's to clip them for their own home.... reduces the chore of deadheading later. I think they have me figured out, though.