Friday, July 16, 2010

A bit of beauty found floating about....

tired...... I am always careful now days about what I put on the site. All too often, and most recently in a friend's very G-rated boy site, folks call themselves the "last bastians of decency and morality" fighting the "good" fight of "right" vs. what is in actuality quite beautiful. I'm somewhat tired of that, I guess. I am somewhat tired of hiding my visions of what is beautiful under what is "acceptable" under these "moral watchdogs". God - who I do believe watches over us, knows us, and loves us - made flowers and puppies, sunsets and rainbows, and the most beautiful of all he placed over them all: man. These young men are a vision of beauty. I see the wonder of God imbued in flesh and spirit, mind and soul. I think of my German friend who wrestles under the punks who masquerade as watchdogs, and I am tired of it all. There are some people out there who, quite frankly, need to get over themselves.


Scottie said...

Well said. I agree. Weird that some people talk about wanting to spread freedom around the world, yet would be happy to make everyone walk lock step with them.


randy said...

Well said, brother. I hope folks don't get me wrong; there are people out there getting hurt. Abusing, degrading and humiliating others is not acceptable. If any of the nudes seen in a photo were done in marble or paint it would be considered art and the model would be cherished. How is Michaelangelo a greater artist than God? How is the student greater than The Master?