Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Everyone;

I have been somewhat silent here on the blog for a bit. I've been busy with other things....I'm starting to write again, and enjoying that process. And, really, I guess I have had little to say. One of the things that I thought so much about is the way that Dr. King worked so hard to gain the rights for those whom he called Negro Americans....a phrase that is less than appreciated now. I find it difficult to know what to call someone to differenciate them from the rest of us.....and yet there are so many labels. I understand the term "me", and I understand the term "you" and I even get the concept of "we" but when I think of Americans, my neighbors, I struggle with the term "those". I guess I'm just not political enough. And, I've been thinking about this whole movement of ideas and thoughts, issues that seem so very important today and then along comes tomarrow and no one seems to care. Glen Beck got such huge news this week because of the rally he held for "honor". Yeah, well, even a large estimate of his following showed maybe 500,000 people. If anyone wants to do the math, that's roughly 1/520 of the population. Not a bad number, and I guess it has merit, but....well, I just don't care. Then, Al Sharpton got on his horse and spoke and, well, I just don't care either. And, we heard about the men pulling out of Iraq, the dissention in Afganistan, did you know we are still in Korea? Well, don't really care. The unemployment rate, the economy, gay marriage, oh, and there is a big storm coming over the land that might produce tornados. Nope, don't care. All I can think about is Lindsey got caught with dope... and, then, uh, well, my mind ran out of the, uh, well, you know, two minutes and all and, uh,.... Ooooooooh! Shiney........


Anonymous said...

LOL...I agree with you. What seems so important to us today locking back is not even to be noticed. What I want to know is when will we be so evolved or grown up that labels wont matter. Not if you are straight or gay, as we will all simply be sexual people. What about no imaginary lines on a map, and we are all simply earth people, or terrain. I would love to see us simply be people, but I think the weakness we have is fear. We fear so much...and that fear will keep us apart. I think I will start...I will try to not be afraid to love all people of earth..including the non human ones.
Hugs for you

randy said...

hi Scottie;
Yeah, I was trying to make the point that people, myself included, get all up in arms about something and then toss it aside for the next shiney item, forgetting the work, the sacrifice, even then fact that it wasn't resolved. We, as a people, seem to have just too short of an attention span and focus it on whatever is new and shiney at the moment. It is the failing of internet and instant "news" when we care more about the antics of a spoiled movie star than the troubles of our neighbor; while at the same time it lets us see beyond our parochial little-burg mentality.
I am so hopeful that you seek to love all people, even those difficult to love, and of course the fuzzy butts too. It's a task I am trying to manage as well....and finding it difficult. Glad you came by, Scottie! randy.