Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Friends!

Hello all; Two of the most beautiful people you will ever meet.... There came a time some months ago when I was searching the internet, beginning to learn more about myself and my likes and attractions.... in the search I found this little treasure of a place called Scotties Toybox. I read the posts, laughed at the pictures.... basically peaked in on a life I wish I could have, really. In the course of events I had the opportunity to leave a message for the author, and my life has been richer and so very much better ever since. Scottie and Ron have been there for me through fear, heartache and tear fogged typing fingers, smiles, laughter, hope and hopefully love. Thank you, my friends. Hugs, Love, - blue skies and songbirds- randy.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blue sky's and song birds. I showed this to Ron and he loved it also. Thanks for being such a great guy and wonderful friend. Love and hugs.