Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes Christians forget...

Many years ago I gave my soul to God. I read my Bible, I believe in Christ and his Divine origin and plan. It is often a topic of contention, so I try not to push it on anyone... and all too often I am not the best image for the cause. But, there is one thing I have learned, and it is best exemplified in this painting: every man of Christ can look on that painting and put his name and face there. And, for those who believe themselves now "sinless", go to the head of the line.
The title of this art is "Forgiven". For those who believe, it is uncomfortable at best. You see, those are my hands holding the hammer and spike. That is my color purple, believing myself royalty over someone else...and those are my jeans of the working stiff just trying to get through the day. In every glance you see a broken man, needing to be carried by Christ I can't even get my legs to hold me up. And yet, I hold on to the hammer and the spike. Darkness is all around me, yet there is Christ in glowing white light...
This and more is conveyed to the believer who looks upon this art. It carries the greatest decree art can carry: it encourages one to look upon his own life and question his motives, his actions, his way of thinking and behaving.
Am I here to condemn the non-believers? all should know me better than that by now. No, I am here to condemn the believers who have forgotten; who have fallen into the trap of believing that they are standing so very tall as to look down.
Sometimes we forget, you see. We forget that there is more to believing and living for Christ than being a "moral superior". We become hypocrites and judge others in our assumption that we know what is right and proper. Well, even Jesus was criticized for his works by those believing themselves moral and upright, so I don't feel so out of company. I believe Jesus told some people about logs in their eyes when criticizing others about the tiny mote.
God is love. Let your heart love, and let no one tell you who you may love and who you may not. If you love that person, wanting the very best for them, holding them above your own needs and wants, cheering at their successes and holding them in their tears. If you give them sustenance and warmth, if you delight in the light of their eye...then you are walking with God.
I will send a simple warning to those who believe them selves the authority...ha! Jesus spoke very strongly about two things: those standing in the doorway not allowing others to pass, and those who would block 'the little one's' from coming to Him.
May you all have a wonderful day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Hello Randy. Interesting Post. Thought provoking and one that shows you have an appreciation of both art, and life.

That you gave your life to your God is nothing anyone should make light of, or take in vain. I served two tours in the US military to support that right , even though I do not believe as you do. I do see where a belief in a higher power can bring comfort and even joy to those who fellowship together.

When we allow others to be who they are, to express themselves with out taking insult we become stronger in our self, our own understanding.

A deity should be to lift up , never to hammer down. To make your self better, never to belittle another...If you must stand on someone else to please Your God, You have pleased no one.

One thing I would add now that I have stood on my soap box here a little. Even those who do not have faith or a personal Deity can and have sinned. I know of no one in my entire life who can say they never wronged another person. To me that is sin, when we mistreat our brothers on this planet. And sadly, oh so sadly, we all have at one time or another put our own needs ahead of some one else.

So I can cast no stone, for I too an guilty. I get up each morning and say: "Today I will be the best Scottie I can be".

Some days I do better at it than others.

Hugs and love for all.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
To my understanding, God is the final judge. It is interesting to me, though, how often man has decided the case long before it goes before Him.
People should love, with the purest consideration of the word, and they will never be wrong.
Thanks for coming to the blog, Scottie.
hugs and love to you and Ron;