Thursday, March 10, 2011

Internal Bleeding

Ameture blogger and writer, I sought out a title to this article that would catch the attention. There's no phrase that does it justice. For many men, living with the facts of our childhood is difficult at best and terrible very often. There is no way to understand unless you have been there, and no action by a victim of abuse will ever make sense. So, we bleed in silence, keeping it to ourselves, and only let it out in whirlwinds of destruction and floods of inappropriate behavior. Don't ask us why, we won't know. There is a limited time frame for me to watch tv. Typically it happens while I am doing other things. Such was the case today as I set about to prepare some work meals. I flipped on the kitchen tv and there was Oprah....yeah, big surprise....speaking with Tyler Perry and an audience of 200 men who were all abused as children. It was not a pleasant show for me. But, it was a good show to watch. If nothing else, it tells me I'm not alone. If any of you need to talk, you have my address. I'm here. -randy

4 comments: said...

Oh my Gods, I am so sorry. Until I caught myself I had written a whole page on stuff I really don't want to talk about. What a burden I almost placed on you and your readers. Not right of me at all. What I started out to say and want to say is this: I am very glad if this show helped you and may your wounds heal and the pain stop hurting , and your life be filled with friends, love and happiness. Hugs , Scottie

Doug said...

I saw the two part show by Oprah. It was really good to see someone talk about guys that had been molested as boys or teens, and how that has affected the rest of our lives. You were right, unless somebody has gone through it, they have no idea how bad it is. Blogs like this help a lot. Thanks.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I responded to your comment two days least, I thought I did. Did I dream that? Well, in my dream I said that you are free to "burden" me anytime. Further, a burden shared is a burden halved. Do that enough and suddenly there is no burden anymore.
Many hugs!!

randy said...

Hi Doug;
I must be doing something wrong. I responded to your comment this morning. Well, I envy you the opportunity to see both parts of Oprah's show. I missed one. I got a fair bit out of what I did see.
I heard some terms used...heard them before. I guess I don't like them. Maybe becuase I'm a grown man and all, but the terms "victim" and "survivor" seem to rub me wrong now. Not for others, I'm just speaking for myself. I guess I just want to say that I'm "Randy" and not continue to paint myself with an abusers brush. Does that make any sense at all?
Thanks for being here, Doug.