Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MattyB raps - Born This Way

Hi Everyone;

I saw this vid on the blog "born this way". Have you checked the blog out yet? Why not? Go there! Well, this was such a great and happy vid. He had another there with a girl singing and I was just amazed. I couldn't carry a tune if you put it in a backpack. So, please, enjoy the vid, go visit this great's in the blog roll, just click the link! ... and please visit the other links on his page as you see fit.

I think very often people look at their lives and go beyond wishing it was different, they begin to believe they are defective. Monsters. Friends, I don't have answers, but I know that living in a society that doesn't always agree with your choices makes life very difficult. It does not make you a monster. How you choose to live is your choice - and yes, there are often consequences to those choices. But, please, believe you are a star, loved, worthy of love. Tell yourself that as you look into the mirror. In this sometimes trying world, you may be the only one to tell you that you are loved, but it really doesn't matter if one person says it or a million - you are the only one that can believe it.

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