Saturday, March 19, 2011

This came in the mail today...

This just made perfect sense to be shared.
Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she*s acelebrity and a drug addict.
Charlie Sheen is all over the news becausehe is a celebrity and has multiple issues.
While...Justin Allen 23,
Brett Linley 29,
Matthew Weikert 29,
Justus Bartett 27,
Dave Santos 21,
Jesse Reed 26,
Matthew Johnson 21,
Zachary Fisher 24,
Brandon King 23,
Christopher Goeke 23,
Sheldon Tate 27
Are all Marines who gave their lives this week for us.There is no media for them. Not even a mention of their names.
Honor Them, by sending this on!
Sort of makes a point, huh.


randy said...

Miles sent this comment in via email...he has trouble commenting. Do others? Please use the email and let me know.

Miles says: Of course honor the dead Soldiers, just as much as I honor any German soldier dying in Afghanistan.

But the German soldiers are dying not in my interest, they are dying for some interest, the German Government sets, I dont agree with.
I add:
I wouldn't have dared interfering, if it wasn't the US Governments , who force Germany's soldiers into wars, that are mostly in US interests.

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with Miles and will add one thought: the german soldiers are there on their own will they are volunteers - no liable military service is forced to an engagement out of germany. It's not in my interest, that they are in Afghanistan.

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
Thank you for the comment. Miles and I sort of agreed and disagreed on this. The loss of any life is tragic and should be remembered.