Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a vid that left me rolling

Hi Everyone; To give you a bit of information I kept to myself and one other, my computer crashed, and hard. I lost almost everything I've collected over the years. Yep, didn't backup. Dumb. I know, get it out of your system....I'll wait. Done yet? No, ok, I'll wait some more........ Okay now? Hey, laugh if you want...I got a new computer out of it. :) But, I've got a lot going on with this and all on top of my normal stuff. It's going to be a long week or so. Well, I saw a clip on tv about streaking, and the cops were chasing right after the guy. So, wondering what the consequences are in this puritanically hypocritical era, I began to search for that answer and instread I found this video. I all but fell out of my chair.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy dear.
I soooo wish this comment may reach you. If so, I can well feel with you as in october last year I had my computer crash.and I only had a bit of a backup, with great lots of work I was able to recover some.
Anbd now I am on to go to this winz7 64 bit, which means any data I forget to backup will be lost in Nirwana.
I even have a bit of a fear, to start, cause once started nothing can be stopped. :)
You have the whole weekend for your installing.
I really feel for you.

loving and consoling hugs.

<3 miles

Anonymous said...

hi, If this functions I will be sooooooooooo glad :)

So your wish is what I shall do: Sending you a mail with those lil gods that you find find so beautiful, like God's works of art....to be admired and respected as such.
Got some withdrawel symptoms already? :)
< miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I guess I could try, but to be honest I've just given up on most of the things I once had on the old machine. A new fresh start, for the most part. Unfortunately, I'd had a number of things prepared for the blog here....so not only am i needing to learn a new op system, get prepared for some company, taxes, Spring chores...I am also now trying to recreate and create for the blog. It's going to have me off step for a while...but, that's ok. I like the new puter :)

Thanks for the hugs, and I send you hugs, too.

randy said...

oops! didn't see your second comment there, Miles; You may send me anything. I will post what I can and I send my appreciation now. :)

big hugs!