Wednesday, April 27, 2011

America and International Aid

Hi Friends; There are times when I look at the national debt, the taxes I pay, the condition of the roads, the schools, the dandylions in my front affront to all things proper, I say. I look at this and say that we need to get our meddling butts out of other countries, out of the politics and lives of other peoples and people groups. I say 'bring our soldiers home' and think this will solve all our problems. I am decidedly parochial, untraveled, and unwise.....but I'm learning. Perhaps this is the very one reason, the only reason, the need, even, for reaching out. America has much to offer the world, and much to learn from it. May we always remember to reach out to lift up rather than to push down.

Tell me what you think of this video:


Scottie said...

Every one needs to feel they have worth, they are respected. That they are someone. It is a basic need that all too often when ignored, turns into a tragic violent confrontation. I wonder how many wars were started because some one felt disrespected, felt belittled. How many young people committed suicide because of their self worth, their self respect being trashed. How many older people lose heart because no one seems to care any more about them. I wonder what will happen when we become one of these, how will we like it. I know I wouldn't.

I like the little girl. She is being taught correctly that she is someone. Herself. That is who she should be, the best she can be, the most she will be, is her self.

Thanks for posting this. Many hugs. Scottie

randy said...

My Friend Scottie;
You are so eloquent in your love. Thank you for these words...they were in my heart, but lost to my fingers.
Hugs and love;