Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on Jordan.

  • Hi Friends; (I'm having trouble getting the posts to use simple syntax rules. It all flips into one long paragraph. So, forgive this patch until I can find the solution.)
  • You all hopefully remember the story of Jordan Brown, the young guy who's facing life in prison for allegedly commiting a crime at the age of 11. (see blog post March 03, 2011) Seems you can be an adult at the whim of the State now .
  • As some of you know, I have a real problem with calling a child an adult. The throught process isn't the same and the feelings are more in control. To tell a person on onehand that as a child you are unable to understand the consequences of voting, signing contracts, driving, purchasing a gun, drinking, smoking, deciding not to attend school, but on the other hand quite fully capable of understanding the consequences of your actions if a crime is committed is ludicrously illogical. Only a politician could come up with something so foolish.
  • Well, got a comment from Melissa, the adm for a website called I stopped in to look around. It's just such a sad issue. There's no real justice in such a case. The poor woman and her baby is dead, the boy is in prison, the father and the boy's sister are destroyed, where is justice to be found in such a case? I am a fan of the concept of "Restorative Justice". The irony is that there is nothing saying that young Jared committed this crime outside inuendo and possibility. But, google the RJ theory. The state is too quick, in my mind, to throw people away.
  • Also, stop in and check out
  • The update on Jordan is this: the case is before the Supreme Court, seeking the removal of the case to the juvenile system. The horrid thing, this has been going on over two years now. I will update as other things come through. Keep this youngster in your thoughts and let's hope sanity comes to these judges.
  • Perspective:,0,5650649.story?track=rss This is an article I found in the news recenty of someone who killed her child. Her punishment: 13 years. seems a bit odd to me.

8 comments: said...

Thank you Randy for doing this for us. Again you show your compassion for others, as you actively strive to make this a better world. in many ways you are like the woman you told us about. You do things to make the world a better place. Thank you for doing that.

Hugs and loves, Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I think you flatter me far too highly, but thank you for the encouragement. I'm just running my yap...well, typing my yap.

hugs to you;

Anonymous said...

I had a guess, why politicians don't cry out: STOP!
It must be their fear of the oldtestamentarian Churches: Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth.
And another question: Why do politicians not even try, to narrow down the influence of these ultra orthodoxes, as it is done in all civilised countries?
They are just too supportive when it comes to pushing through neoliberal greed for money.
What an alliance! :(

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I didn't really think on this aspect, so did some quick research. The majority of Penn. is Catholic, followed by main line Protestant.... ie: United Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian. The Quakers, Mennonites, Amish all have a slight statistical effect. The Quakers are a far more forgiving people...I wish they were more represented.
The ancestry is listed as mostly German, with Irish and English as a combined equal. So, a fairly conservative lot, and makes the Religion stats make sense. The African American sector is growing, but mostly city.
I don't know if Religion has an effect on this law. It would seem more likely that simple foolishness is the culprit, but the two aren't foreign together.
What seems to be happening is that the law was written as simple boundary...a rediculous boundary, and a judge with his head up his butt is in charge. He's the one that won't send it to juvenile court. He's the one with an agenda.
But, he reports his colon in good shape.
Good to see you here!!!!

Doug said...

You are so right. children that age just don't have the mental capability to understand their actions. It is sad when our justice system wants to put him away forever instead of rehabilitating him. The states should be spending more money on trying to reach these kids before stuff like this happens. I have worked with too many kids over the years that have fallen through the system like this. It is really too bad because most of them could have had good lives.

randy said...

Thank You, Doug!
I am equally concerned as Jared has yet to actually be convicted of a crime. He has been in jail for two plus years waiting. I cringe at the toll this is taking.
Keep him in your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

If the van was black or white should be irrelevant to Jared seeing one. Why would the investigating officer say it could not be the man who threatened the victims life because his van had snow on it.

If you think your smart enough to go to the home and kill, Your not going to take your own van that someone might recognize and remember. You could borrow the van of a friend without his knowledge if he was out of town and return it.

I suspect he had gloves, a jacket and some old coveralls on when he shot the woman. He could easily have removed them into the trash to remove blood evidence where he borrowed the van.

Jared had no motive to shoot the house guest and can you imagine an 11 year old able to compose himself enough after killing to just go to school like it was a regular day?

I wonder if anyone asked Jared what he dropped in the yard that morning?

I believe there was a van there and a person waiting for the children to go to school. That van did not have snow on it so it had to be in a garage.

Unless there is evidence that has not been released that is more compelling this trial should never be in adult court.

randy said...

I agree wholeheartedly!