Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A bit of retro....

.... when people talk about saving the planet, I heard not long ago, it is silly to say they are working to save the planet.  The planet will be here for an incredibly long time.  The question is:  will we? 


Scottie said...

yes, someone who gets the point. Randy you have a sharp mind. It is true that other species have been here for a lot longer than we humans have. Because they could live and adapt to the climate, the environment which supported them. If we help change the climate to a point where we can't survive in it, where will we go?

Anonymous said...

I think we will not. Our only thinking is - what will the planet do for us? Our only interest is exploritation of the resources of the world. We leaf waste everywhere and radioctive waste, which will radiate for millions of years.
who cares?

randy said...

Hi Nikki and Scottie;

There is an old saying that goes something like: don't poop where you live. meaning, don't destroy the very space in which you must inhabit and thrive, or you won't.
When I got my dog it was one of the first lessons I learned: the easiest way to potty train an animal is to put them in a crate, it is their den/home. They won't poop there - genetically programmed not to, provided I do what I'm supposed to regarding feeding and "out" time.
Dumb animals.....right? Yet, we habitually destroy the only home we have. And, like you say Scottie; where will we go? As you say Nikki, our focus is very short sighted and ego-centric.
Yep, the planet will be here for a very long time after we've ruined it. It's us we have to worry about.
Thanks for the comments!