Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love without borders?

I am inspired by a phrase Scottie uttered in comments at his post; "I am continually amazed by the degree of hate humans can have towards one another"....or something like that. It led me to think of this song; a song many who are conservative find frightening and subversive.

But, for the moment, let us imagine a world in which we had no fences to keep people out, no fences to keep them in. We held no religion of exclusion or of being "right" and therefore making other religions "wrong". Imagine a time we could love who we want, without someone hating us for loving another. Imagine the color of skin not being a point of fear, distrust, or even distaste, but a part of what makes one unique and beautiful. Imagine a world where love for your neighbor was not simply a catch phrase, but a way of life in which we really cared about people....and not just those people we can see, but those who live far away. Imagine a time where we didn't solve our conflicts with guns but with talk, with love, even agreeing to disagree and still love each other. Imagine a life that didn't need to be cut short so some dictator, president, or just a pompous bureaucrat wasn't flexing at the cost of a little one's life. Imagine....

We in America have been blessed, and perhaps cursed, to have lived without war on our shores.

Maybe we are ignorant because the war torn live so far from us. Maybe we see our blessing and forget the cost out of simple expediency. Maybe war is simply an evil unavoidable in a world filled with people who court hate. But, imagine....


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I believe the various varieties of prejudice in the world, whether it be racial, gender based, orientation based, religion based, or whatever, are learned rather than innate. If that's true, people can learn to be loving and tolerant just as easily as they can learn to be hateful and intolerant, given the right encouragement. I hope we, as a species, can find ways of living together, because if not, I strongly suspect we'll all die together.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
That is a wonderful hope and a worthy one. It is sad that only in tragedy do people seem to find commonality, unity. I hope, like you, that it doesn't take death to find life.

Scottie said...

I agree Sammy B, people can learn to be loving and kind. There is hope for many lost people, people who are lost inside themselves. I love that song Randy. If we imagine it, the possibles are endless. Loves and hugs. Scottie

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
I think, first but worst reason of war is patriotism. In the world nowadays, where everybody can travel worldwide with low costs, there should be more cosmopolitical thinking, and no rivality - that would be a great step.

randy said...

Ah, Nikki;
The conundrum of a good thing gone bad.... Patriotism is not bad in itself except where it hides truth. Then it becomes a blindfold.
thanks for the comment;