Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Great Parke

I must admit, I'm rooting for this young man to win. I like the way he simply tells you what he has to say rather than try to be all over the seems more heartfelt to me.


Scottie said...

he has a lot going for him, he is cute, and he has a wonderfully beautiful voice. Also in the interview I saw he did not come off as cocky and jerky as Justin Beiber did. This boy here seems to be happy and happy being himself. Like you I wish him the best. Hugs and best wishes.

randy said...

Thanks for visiting Scottie:)
I can't help but to wonder if he will retain his pipes after puberty, but I'm happy he is able to follow a dream and the opportunity to do so became available.
See you at the toybox. How was work?