Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Either I live too close to a nuke plant, or I need to change my brand of beer!


Scottie said...

very cool pictures.....I am impressed. Hugs. Scottie

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
they are so cool, and the look soo dangerous for their kind. It is nice to see, that their physics are wrong, otherwise they really might frighten kids. :)

<3 hugs miles

randy said...

Hi Scottie and Miles
Dad sent these to me. I thought they were so neat. My favorites: the fox cardinal and the golden retriever bird.
Dad's comment on the pictures was that you simply can't trust pictures on the internet anymore.
Hugs, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, your new setup looks really good. do we have to expect some changes with regard to content too? :)

hug<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I'm glad you like the new look for the blog. Much has happened in my life over the lifetime of this blog. It has been a growing experience, not so much in events but in understanding and attitude. So, just as I am growing up a bit, so is my blog.
When I started this blog, I think I was looking back at my younger days, wishing I was there again. As time has healed some of those wounds, definitely a lot of the sharing I did here and the learning from others has really contributed to that growth, well it seems like I need to look forward. In doing that, my content will likely change to a certain degree as I focus on the adult me in the adult world and try to learn in that direction.