Sunday, July 10, 2011

An interesting statistic

  Hi Friends, Neighbors....was' up Junebug?;

  So, in my reading, I've seen some interesting things today.  I read the "Focus on the Family" stance regarding homosexuality - this came about after reading Scottie's note regarding the Bachman bordello of boogiemen receiving federal funding for what the APA and the AMA describe as being not only unnecessary, but ineffective and dangerous, counseling on changing one's attractions.  "Focus on the Family is in that same sinking boat....they say that those who want to change unwanted attractions may do so through intense religious education and prayer.  They base this statistic on a group studied - of which 40+% were diligently seeking "relief" years previous to this group given therapy.  And, of this group, they found that some 60% were able to change their unwanted attractions.  (margin of error evidently somewhere around 59%).  In thier literature, they speak on this being the "healing effect of Christ", though in every tent revival I've ever seen the healing was immediate, as was it in the Bible.  Why it takes years (three) and more if you include the prior work many of those studied is not addressed, nor are the concepts of undue influence, wishful thinking, or brain washing.
  Oh, they did remove their section under "What to do if you think your teenager is gay".  I would have loved to read that.  I'm sure 'dunking in a pond', 'feeling for ice-cold nipples', or 'burning at the stake' would have been in there somewhere.
  I read that Michelle Bachman officially announced that she is unofficially officially running for president.  She made this while at a presidential candidate debate, in which she was a participating debater.  I'm sure everyone was offically surpised.
  I also read a recent gallup poll that said that the "pro-gay marriage" numbers are raising.  Especially for those in the younger groups, 35 or less, and in all groups holding a college education - and evidently not believing everything that is said on wrestling shows.  It's right there about 50%.  The republicans have used this poll and others for years to show how they should not allow the rights and privileges of all americans...sorry, of heterosexual americans to be given to those not heterosexual.  Isn't there a civil rights law on this?
  Ironically, Gallup also rates the approval ratings for congress.  77% -87% believe they aren't doing thier job, which in my book means they should be fired.  I guess congress isn't worried about that poll.

so, tell me, what have you been reading today?

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