Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What does it mean to you?

  I hope you will watch this video.  It does take some time, but there is worth to this investment.  As I listened to this man speak, I had some odd understandings:  We are what we think we are.
  Ok, you in the corner who thinks you are Abraham Lincoln, sorry, you're not.  I hope.  But, he really did give the old addage that the thoughts we proscribe to an item, an event, even a person really dictate the worth of that item/event/person.  For instance, give a drowning man a bar of gold and he's likely not quite so happy as if you give him a float.  Or, a present given to a mother by her child, no matter what it is - but especially if it was a thought out gift, has value far outreaching the item's intrinsic worth.
  The interesting question I had was why.  Why do I value (______) and not so much (______)?  Another question might be why do I not value some such item?  What are my motivations? 
  There's a great deal more to this video.  It's long and interesting, as I said, so get comfortable.  I hope you like it and it draws some thoughts from you.  If so, please share.

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