Sunday, October 30, 2011

A blog post/story I believe valuable

Hi Friends;
  I have had some trouble sleeping tonight, though as I write this I'm feeling ready to try again.  In my insomnia inspired snooping and exploring, I came across this wonderful blog and a story that really caught my heart. 
  The author is Davie Magill, and he is 16-17.  I believe this story so well written and heart wrenching.  I have written and deleted numerous paragraphs, finally deciding to simply let his story say it all.


pps:  I was unable to make comment to the blog.  If any of you are able, please let the author know that I am so very sorrowful for his loss.  It is truly a lesson for us all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, this truly is a really hard to read to the very end story.
(sorry I can't comment on his site too, cause he just left out to allow even commenting "ananymous")
We should start off calling bullies "murderers in the name of an old hating God" and "hating dumbasses", "criminals of poor hate"
<3 miles
All those who don't step in, are just cowards in the name of an old hating god.

randy said...

Hi Miles;
You and I differ, which is ok, on God. I believe in a loving God, who unfortunately have some hating followers.
I was struck by how this life could possibly have been saved if that bullied person didn't feel so alone and lost. What a gut wrencher.
What lesson can we learn from this and how can we change the way we deal with others because of this lesson?

hugs all.
we are not alone.