Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I want you...

I guess the real question becomes:  is war necessary, really?


Anonymous said...

Yes for sure it is! ..., just for the added wealth of the of the investors.
think: Kissenger invested a billion dollars in an oil-pipeline project to feed into the western controlled pipeline-system
Fact is now, that the Chinese investors made this business, --- and Kissenger los his billion.

So we can see two thing:
1. the reason for the Afghanistan war. and
2. The neccessity for the continuation of the war in Afghanistan: war-games are highly profitable for some industries --- and their investors.
That is, why wars are needed so badly by the rich investors.
There they invest the money they deny paing taxes for!
It is soooo easy to see.
yes "uncle Sam" in the first pic
is greedy.
..., as well as all "uncle Sams" are greedy.
Hugs all around

Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
As Miles says, too many vested interests, too many fat cats making their zillions out of war for peace to ever be a viable option. Then you get the fundies who know that their religion is the only true religion, so they've got to convert everyone, by force if necessary....need I go on?

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
From the perspective of the establishment war is always important to defend their power and their benefices and preserve these. No matter who forms the establishment, whether industrialists, politicians and clergy, everyone wants to preserve his power. And that at the cost of the respective population.

randy said...

Hi Miles, Sammy and Nikki;
Thank you for the comments. I'd like to add that I love my country, but not quite so happy with all of the decisions we make.
Hugs everyone;

Scottie said...

Oh important questions. Yes there is an overwhelming military industrial self fulfilling element to deal with.

But to the question is self, is war need, necessarily?

War should, must never be used for gain, or as a solution to a problem. War should never be used in anger. War should never be used to make others bend to our will.

No war should be like the rules for deadly force. To be used to protect your self or others from grievous bodily injury or death! Basically for self defense only and then using no more force than needed to accomplish the task.

That would rule out a lot of the "war or police" actions around the world, yet still allow the protection that several messy engagements have given us.

What do you think of my reasoning?
Hugs, Scottie

Anonymous said...

hi Scottie, you ask:

"is war need, necessarily?"
As men are once are infected with the virus of sole ownership and following greed there is no scenario that can be thought of that men might be able to live together whithout fight and consecutively war.
even religious have converted to blessing weapons, that bring death to "Enymies". And it is the greedy ones THAT have the monetary power and the social control over their societies, to decide on who is the enemy. The greedy ones have lots of means to promote hate against what they want to be the "enemies". They use all means of tricking the masses of their society into hatered, and we have to see, that they convert the society - with the help of the mass-media including private-TV (Mc Murdoch, Fox media)into fightloving Individuals full of hate and "greed" in their fight for a living - themselves.
2000 years of Christianity have not been able to change that.
Nor did the idea of egality amongst people was of any help preventing hate, fight and wars.
it is just soo easy: The only thing that has to be planted in the heads of society is the idea of individuals that strive for a better living with no strings attached. It is not a mere coincidence that the USA have the highest rate of prisoners - no the political 'leaders' of the USA do everything to further promote hatered amonst the American society making them fight any other individuals, sewing hate on principle. And any means is being used, lying, blackening what they call their enemies, and spreading their lies over the massmedia.
..., and the worst is, internet users help them doing so, by using their services without asking for data security, save and free of spying surfing - which everybody interested can know, is a fiction.
Google collects - in Germany at least - illigally, vast terabytes of data, which thea say are only used for advertizing purposes, but who guarantees that in case of - what the 'greedies' might call a severe crisis - like the US experiences with the wall-street protests. Is it unthinkable, that Data from the Google servers are already used by the police or intelligence to imprison protesters?
Why do people give Google any Data voluntarily - google-analytics! - without having to do so?
Loving hugs all around
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
War, in it's very form, is one of the most expensive things a country can do. I read somewhere that Germany, during WW2, had strapped itself so badly that it wsa nearly forced to continue to conquer just to survive. Pulling back would have been a fiscal disaster.
And yet, we seem to flex so often that it's become a non-event. Part of that is the necessity of maintaining and training a standing army. But, like you said, the actual fight is something so horrible that it should never be used for such "police actions". For this one and very purpose: One doesn't fight if he doesn't intend to win, doesn't fight to win. Police actions, again by definition, never really end in a win...only in something acceptable from which to walk away.
But, this ramble is to say that there is an even greater cost to war: life.
hugs and love;

randy said...

Hi Miles;
So good to hear from you. You've been on my mind all week.

So, greed + hate = war

I can go with that. And, you are right: we are led about by our collective noses. We've been suckered into not asking questions, setting ourselves against eachother in some odd little race to the top of the midden heap, and being quite parochial.
Thank you for the comment. Be well!

Anonymous said...

If the Minister of War says: "I want you" - then reply with Wolfgang Borchert's words:
You. Man at the machine and man in the workshop. If they order you tomorrow, you shall not make water pipes and pots no more - but steel helmets and machine guns, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Girl behind the counter and girls in the office. when they
tell you tomorrow, you must fill grenades and rifle scopes for
Sniper rifles mounted, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Owner of the factory. If they order you tomorrow, you should sell gunpowder instead of powder and ​​cocoa , then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Scientists in the laboratory. If they order you tomorrow, you shall invent a new death against the old life, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Poet in your room. If they order you tomorrow, you shall sing hate songs instead of love songs , then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Physician at the bedside. If they order you tomorrow, you shall
Write the men fit for war, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Pastor in the pulpit. If they order you tomorrow, you shall bless the murder and speak the war holy, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Captain of the steamer. If they order you tomorrow, you shall
not carry wheat any more - but cannons and tanks, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Pilot at the airfield. If they order you tomorrow, you shall carry bombs and phosphorus over the cities, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Tailor on your board. If they order you tomorrow, you should sew uniforms, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Judges in robes. If they order you tomorrow for the Military tribunal, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Man at the station. If they order you tomorrow, you shall
give the signal for departure for the munitions train and the troop carrier, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Man in the village and man in the city. If tomorrow they
come and bring you the induction notice, then there is only one:
Say NO!
You. Mother in Normandy, and mother in the Ukraine, you, mother in Frisco and in London, you, at the Huang He and the Mississippi, you, mother in Naples and Hamburg and Cairo and Oslo - mothers in all continents, mothers in the world if they order tomorrow, you shall bring forth children, for nurses for military hospitals, and for new soldiers for new battles, mothers of the world, then there is only one:
Say NO! Mothers said, NO!
Because if you do not say NO if you do not say no, mothers, then:

randy said...


Well, if we are quoting, I say we quote John Lennon. "give peace a chance". Or was that yoko? Oh dang.
What a comment! Thank you.