Friday, December 30, 2011

As the year draws to an end...

Hello My wonderful friends;

  You have no idea the great growth you've helped me make this year.  I was at work last night, thinking how my life has changed, how I've become more confident of myself and more aware of the world about me, how much my emotions no longer run my life and how I am able to deal with the emotions of others without reacting emotionally.  It is surely and so very obviously - in my mind, at least - due to the repeated positive feedback you all have given me.  I'd really like to thank you for that - for listening to my concerns, my rants, my naive hopes and small dreams, giving me understanding and insight in return. 

  I hope you can forgive me, but I'm off on another rant.  But, perhaps it is one that you can share...

I saw this video today.  It struck a cord in me.  It was so beautiful, so peaceful, yet so alive and vibrant - even mysterious and dangerous in its way.  I heard a line from some time ago where someone said in regard to the sea:  'if we spent a tenth on the oceans that we've spent in space, we'd feed the world'.  I don't know if that is true, but as America's "Space Age" drastically changes, perhaps we now can actually investigate the world in which we live rather than the space in which it roams.  Perhaps we can begin to look more closely at the world in which we must live rather than seek to escape it to the stars.  I don't know what we've gained from our forays into space, but it's come at a cost.  Please scroll down to see the vid.  It's worth the time....  turn on your sound.



Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
Thanks for this video. I know the underwater world from my own experiences. I have dived more than 20 years myself.
But there is a big problem. The more people are diving, the more is done damage to the underwater fauna and flora.
I wish you and all readers a good start in 2012.

P.S.:Speaking of environment pollution. By you in the U.S., are there also so many firecrackers and fireworks shot in the air in the New Year's Eve?

randy said...

Oh, my goodness;
Nikki - this neighborhood was once teeming with kids, when I was little, but is slowly going old as the youth moved on, and being replaced with what I call rednecks. If you ever see the comedy of Bill Ingvol, Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, you will understand. So, no...not fireworks - rifles and shotguns. I swear, I stay inside for fear of falling lead!
There is a danger to tourism - be it in the water, which I never had the guts to try - or the woods. Some damage happens no matter what. It's the cost of being human, I guess. My only hope is that the cost of those who enjoy the beauty of a place is lessened by the respect and love they have for it so to preserve its wonder and glory as much as possible. Ignorance of the wonders is far more damaging than touring it, provided the touring is at all respectful.
Well, so goes my hope...


Scottie said...

hello Randy. It is beautiful isn't it. I have often thought that if I could have more than one life time on this planet, I would like to spend some of them as different sea creatures.

So just from a selfish point of view, lets keep the waters clean, OK.


randy said...

Hey Scottie;
For you - anything. Did you say that was from a shellfish point of view...? (thanks folks, I'll be here all week. try the veal...)

Blub blub.
randy. <:)