Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho Ho


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
here for us there was no Santa Claus until it has been created as a coka cola advertising character.
We have the Nicholas or Pelzmärtel, who comes to the children on St. Nicholas Day (December 6). He was formerly the authority figure who has read the riot act to the children - he was sometimes even the punishing authority with the rod.

Scottie said...

So the myth that santa is universal is not quite true then? So I would be interesting to know the progression of the Santa character and also how far the current version of Santa has spread through the world...which countries use the same image as the USA. Also with the changing health standards will our picture of Santa change with the times. You know, slimmer, ect.... many hugs. I am off to work.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Well, I for one am encouraged by the changing nature and image of Santa.
Nikki, as often is the case, you brought a very interesting point.

Well, hopefully, thisis the new Santa. I'm looking forward to having him sit on my knee....