Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'd like some thoughts on the Salvation Army prejudiced?

Hello Friends;

  I recently added an, well I guess AP is the right word?, to my computer's wallpaper that gives me the days headlines.  I just put it up and already have something to talk about.  Good thing too....I was short on things to ramble on and bore you to death.

  So, according to a blog written by one who is living the life, the Salvation Army is prejudiced and discriminatory to homosexuals.

  I'm wondering is this true?  Is this the experience of a man who found a very misguided and "human" worker, or is this a case where the policy and the practice are not in accord?

  Please let me know what you have found in your experiences. 

hugs all;


Scottie said...

Yes Randy. I am sorry to say that they do discriminate. They are not gay friendly. I find it sad as they do good work. But like many groups that do good work, they use religion as an excuse to be anti-homosexual. sorry.


randy said...

That is sad. I'd really hoped that this was one man's bad experience by some who were poorly trained. Thank you for the input, Scottie.


Anonymous said...

Yes Randy, they are a Fundamentalist Christian Organization, and believe that being gay is an abomination.

To that effect, the AA meetings that they run force gay couples to break up to enter into them, even if the AA attendance is court ordered due to drunk driving charges.

randy said...

Hi Anonymous...
Please give me something to call you, even if made up is ok....

I am so sad to hear this.

The struggle I am having is that I like to make a donation come Christmas....I guess I will just stick with my pet rescue folks and not worry about others. I just can't support an organization that is discriminatory, even though they do other things well. Dang.

Thank you for commenting and helping me with this.