Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Sweet a Second Chance

Hi Friends;

  I saw this on   The vid, of course, is not mine.  But, it seemed such a heart puller.

We forget the magic of just one second chance.  Just one moment where instead of being kicked, shunned, or even feared, we can find someone to love us.  Thankfully, most of us will never be in such dire straits as this poor girl, but it makes it no less real, no less needful to be loved, wanted, needed, and cared for.
  Not everyone is able to do for this little girl as these folks.  It takes a special person to project such love and safety.  You see, these are people who are willing to be bit to show love.  But, we are able to do this in other areas.  Would you believe I have a story...

.... this week at work my inspector came to me with parts that were bad.  They came out of the machines in good shape, but the assembler had used a lubricant to get them to go together better.  Unfortunately, that also makes them fall apart easier.  Well, that was the first question I asked of the assembler and got a "no".  I made some adjustments to the machine and scratched my head as I moved on to the next problem.  It was a short time later that the assembler came to me and admitted her lie.  I was angry, and a fair bit disappointed.  I told her that I'd rather be told something I don't want to hear than be lied to.  We ground up that parts and made them again - the nice part of plastics - and I let my inspector know of the solution.  But, there were question...
- why didn't I write her up?
- why didn't I doc her pay?
- why didn't I yell, scream, throw things?
   That's the retribution the inspector wanted for the assembler doing things she knew was against policy.  And, perhaps I should have.  But, by forgiving her, I allowed her to learn from her mistakes and also know that if she came to me with a mistake that I wouldn't take it out on her hide.  I actually solved my problem earlier by her honesty than I would have by her deception - though if no deception I'd not have had the problem in the first place.
  So, did I forget?  Did I just shrug my shoulders and believe all would be perfect in the future?  Of course not.  But, I am hoping that I've built someone up rather than tear them down.  I'm hoping that the violation will actually bring about an improvement.

Why does all of this come to you today?  I watched a video on Scotties site (HERE) and how deeply it has called out to me that everyone needs a second chance.  Let there be discipline/punishment, but let there be restoration not condemnation. 

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Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I have tried four times to watch this video. It pulls too much on the heart strings for me to watch all at once. My mind floods with the pain, fear, hunger and suffering of that poor animal. I will finish it in stages, as I know it has a happy ending.

Some times the best employee is one who has been shown mercy. Who has been given the chance to try again. Those employees that learn, try harder, put in the effort will gain both for themselves and the company.

Hugs, Scottie