Friday, March 30, 2012

Ah, yes. The "sanctity" of marriage...

Hi friends;

  I had the tv on while checking my email, visiting friend's sites, etc.  This came across the so called "news" as I just read a comment about the previous post.  I will ask you to simply click on the link and then ask yourself.....Sanctity?



Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
Here are "divorce parties" celebrated, often as large as weddings.
There are "event organizer" that offer this service.

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
sorry, didn't see your comment...
Really? Divorce parties? I've heard similar, but didn't realize it was all that common.
My problem is that on one hand the powers that be declare that marriage equality violates the "sanctity" of marriage, yet such are happening. It seems quite healthy to have such a party, but I see the duplicity and become angry.
Be well;