Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At first I was going to leave this one be.... nah!

The Hoodie!

As our good friend Geraldo Rivera spelled out so earnestly in his recent cant oddly clearly heard despite having his head so far up his ass, it is the hoodie, that terrible and terrifying garment from hell, that has once again taken a fine young man to his grave and cast the innocent and pure George Zimmerman into legal limbo.  God Damn those Hoodies!!!!!!!

  I, for instance, always quake in the presence of a hoodie sweatshirt.  They frighten me.  How can it not?  Obviously a creation of satan, designed purely for the criminal element.  An artifice of evil.  Men stand in awe, in outright fear from the very concept.  Yet, the garment persists.
  There can be no Peace with hoodies.  There can be no love with hoodies.  They are the devil's spawn, my people.  Don't you see!
Ok, mayhap I've over sold my point.  It's happened before. 
For those of you who don't know, a young man by the name of Treyvon Martin was stalked, eventually killed, by a man who was supposedly the local neighborhood watch captain.  An armed watch captain, which is against the rules, and one who was told by the police dispatcher to stay away from the kid.   This man, George Zimmerman, failed to pass the tests required to be a police officer, most likely those dealing with aggression, delusions of grandeur and self importance, autocracy, etc.  He stalked this young man for "looking like he was into something:" - yeah, he was into a jug of sweet tea and a bag of Skittles. 
Geraldo Rivera, that bastion of broadcasting, that poet laureate of journalism, that epic man of morality and authenticity, declared that George Zimmerman may be at fault.  It could be true.  He's sort of holding his opinion there.  But, the hoodie sweatshirt that the lad was wearing was "just as much at fault".  Huh?  SEE LINK
  George Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime.  Yet.
  Why?  Well, it was the hoodie, of course.  Of course!  Of course.  It couldn't be that the lad was of dark complexion.  So-called Black.  Nope.  It was that damn hoodie sweatshirt.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I fess up...I wear a hoodie. Yup , see even though I live in Florida, I wear a hoodie. My lover of almost 22 years needs the house cooler than I with my bad circulation can comfortably stand. So I wear sweat shirts around the house. One of my favorites is a hoodie. Now I don't expect to be shot for it, but maybe paddled? Or jumped and forced into sex?

Which leads me to my major point. We teach kids today to be very afraid of older men who stalk them, follow them in cars and then try to approach them. We teach the young that they will be raped and sexually assaulted if that happens. All the crime shows show the bad guy suddenly pulling out a weapon.

Now think of this..a slight young guy being followed by a car, stalked all over where he went, then the guy comes up to him. Did the aggressor tells him to come with him..did he try to detain him...what panic would that trigger in a young man... what horror was going through his mind. What would he do to save himself...and the aggressor shoots and kills him. In the end was the boy so far off in his fears, he did end up dead, he ended up assaulted.

I am off to bed. Hugs. Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Yep, you just might get jumped!

I can't help but to wonder what this poor kid thought. Surely he realized he was being followed, and felt threatened in some way.
The problem, we still have a great deal of prejudice in our world. And, moments like this bring it crashing into light. But, odd that it seems to require such huge things to show the obvious.