Saturday, March 10, 2012

The direst four letter word of them all...

I was watching television.... an activity I rarely do anymore, but I put it next to the computer so the chance has improved.  Anyway, hearing the byplay on the idiot box reminded me of these cartoons. 
  How often does someone ask for help and they are given advice?  How often are we in society shown a wrong and the government forms a committee to throw money at it?  How often does one say "someone should do something about that"?

And, then, I'm reminded of a joke.... the first shows this family, clinging to the roof of their home as a river rages around it, sweeping the home and the hapless family floating on the roof as it bumps on its wet little way.  The family, devout all, clasp their hands in prayer.  Soon a boat appears and calls out to the family to grasp the rope.  The father shakes his finger and replies that he is standing on faith and waiting on God.  The boaters argue, but soon have to move on to others.  Another boat comes along, seeing the family in prayer and again calls out to them to quickly grasp the rope.  Again, the boaters are turned away with the admonishment that God will provide.  Lastly, with water swirling about their knees as the family hold tight to the few remaining upright portions of the roof, a helicopter appears, tossing down a ladder.  The father crosses himself, points to the heavens and waves the chopper off.
  Sure enough, the flood waters take the family.  There they stand with St.Peter at the gate, complaining that God never saved them.  Then, from the mountains and mists within the gates came a rumbling voice.... "What do you want from me?  I sent you two boats and a helicopter?".

  I guess the moral would be:  "Help" always accompanies the phrase "it is better to have it be said 'Well Done' than 'well said'"   and    when given help, accept it in the form in which it comes.  Sometimes that's all that is coming.

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