Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jordan Brown Update - a link to Melissa's blog

Hi Friends;
  There has been a blue ribbon on my site for some time with a name underneath.  It is the name of a boy, now a teenager, and the horrifying story of what has gone on in the "name" of justice.
  Jordan Brown is just one of a growing number of children caught in the legal system of our "caring and Christian country".  I've blogged about him before, but reading Scottie's article about the concern in the high courts for life sentences given to juveniles has brought this young man's plight back to mind.
  I encourage you to go to Melissa's blog and read about this boy arrested at age 11 and some three years later has yet to have his day in court.  As you read this, consider if this was your child, your niece/nephew, your neighbor - going through this.  Consider how you would want that child treated.  Then ask yourself if this is something worth attention.  Is this how you expect juvenile defendents to be treated in your community.





Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I can't figure why more people are not up in arms, not protesting this type thing in droves.

Maybe we have gotten too numb in life, maybe with all the things we have to fight, we are losing the ability to stand for others. We get so busy just trying to have a small slice of the "pie" we forget that if we don't stand for others, there will be no one left to stand for us.

We need a government, we need the services, we need a court system and a justice system. But it seems that the PEOPLE doing these tasks are out more for the power of the position, than the idea of the job.

I admit all these things worry me. I am trying to look down the road and I can't see if we are improving on being enlightened human beings, or regressing to a lower life form.

Many quiet hugs. Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I think you are right - on both counts. I think we as a people have become numb to the constant barrage. When that which is unacceptable becomes normal, is it abnormal to want different?
And, I think you are right about power seeking in the justice department. The first priority ought to be justice, not win. Especially with a child. But, I am reminded just now of that article you posted about the sex offender laws... to appear 'tough on crime' you have to one-up the last guy and go just that step further to be seen as "effective" by a populace of sheep. The judge has to do so as well in order to keep his job. How is he to judge fairly if his job is dependent upon judging the way the newspapers want him to?
It's heartbreaking that this one is forced to pay for their greed.


Anonymous said...

you write:
"The judge has to do so as well in order to keep his job. How is he to judge fairly if his job is dependent upon judging the way the newspapers want him to?"
In our constitution, the judiciary is an independent institution in the state next to the Legislative and Executive.
A judge is appointed by the court and paid. He is a civil servant and only be liable to the state.
Become the judges realy elected in America (dependent on public opinion), as it is depicted in the movies?

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
Yes, there are appointments to judgeships, but that is usually at the upper and Federal (country) courts, not the state courts. A judge makes his decisions with that job continuity hanging over his head. That's fundamentally unfair.