Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hello Friends;

  I was off following one link after another today, just sort of whiling away the rainy day, if you will, and came upon this pic.  I passed it on without much thought, but realized it stayed in my thoughts and I couldn't quite understand why.

  Maybe you are having the same problem?

It occurred to me that we often make sweeping statements about the laws, the ways things should be, even what would seem acceptable in some ways and not others - and do it all without really caring about the individuals impacted. 

  I recall a very intense discussion I had with my father when President Obama spoke on Trevor Martin's death and said something towards the order that 'if I had a son, he would look just like Trevor'.  Now, some would say that is inappropriate, and yet I wonder if that is the only appropriate response?

  I also thought about all the people that are struggling in this world in anonymity.  Be they sons of tycoons or of welfare mothers, living life forgotten or ignored.  Living life without anyone who cares.

  We throw symbols, make declarations, even march.... do we really care for the individual?

I don't know what to make of this picture, and I think that's what bothers me the most.  Tell me what you think. 



Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
I looked at the picture before I read your text. Because I could see no face, I lost interest until I read your text. Then I realized that the child was sitting on a cot in a jail cell (or detention cell in a school? - because the child's clothing)
I think I could not identify this finding on the first viewing - because a child is an impossibility in a prison cell in Germany - also, there is no "Karzer" (detention cells) more in the schools.
Recognition resulting to myself:
Never trust only the picture!
Gruß Nikki

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
It's a bit of a bothersome picture, isn't it? I didn't realize it was a jail cell - which makes it even more bothersome to me.
Thank you for visiting.

Scottie said...

Hello Randy..I guess the symbolism of the picture bothers me. I see the bare back ground, the child with nothing that stands out , and the total stark soundings. Coupled with the blurred out face, and it struck me as an emotional out cry of the way people feel they don't matter, that they are nobodies, they are not important. That was what I got from the picture. I can say I don't like it. Sorry I know what I like in this world, and things that evoke despair, hopelessness, and loneliness I have little wish for.

On the other hand, I see much life, joy, the future hopes, and an affirmation in all I believe in in the three other pictures on the right side of your blog, which I have side by side with the picture in the post.

Love and hugs, Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;

You and I seem to have had similar reactions to it. I didn't like the picture either. In fact, like I said, it bothered me in an odd and undefinable way.
In this life everyone just needs to know that someone loves them. We can manage all sorts of things in our messed up world, but being completely alone?
The tragedy, while some will tell a person they love them, the actions and words don't always meet. I still think on a prof. who told us of working with the elderly and how a simple touch, a caress of the hand, could do such wonders.
Have a great day at work tomarrow, my friend.

Scottie said...

oh touch...yes.
Randy you are right...and while I recommend caution, it is very important in my job to touch.

I hold peoples hands when they are scared or in pain....I rub their back or pat them reassuringly when we have them turned over on their side to clean a poop ( which is embarrassing for almost everyone )

I held the hands of a crying wife this week as her husband of many years was losing ground and she had just been told he would most likely die....and she told me how much it meant to her I came up and just knelt down and held her hands as she sat their crying and wondering what to do.

Touch...we all need it...I need it, Ron needs it. We touch co-workers....although I would love to touch the cute transport boys but think that their girlfriends would object...LOL Even our animal friends need it.