Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Child of America

  As I read a few disturbing articles, well, ok, one I couldn't finish, I began to wonder about the America in which our children are inheriting.  I have this vision of it like inheriting a house only to find the windows broken, the walls stained, and bats in the attic.  Raze it to the foundation and start over?

  I had considered re-blogging the posts I'd read that were so harsh, but found I'd rather have you go there if you so choose.  The writers did a much better job than I could reproduce, and the sites are safe.
  This first one is not new, it is about the bully effect on our youth.  I thought the movie coming out would be a good thing, helping bullies to see the effect of their "innocent" actions.  What some would call "kids just being kids", yet leading to the death of all too many kids.  On second thought... I'm going to give you the search I used on Milkboys... ... and let you see the list like I did. 

The second is a story about the growing and mind boggling concept of kids in jail.  I don't have answers to things, but I have to say that if the only way we can deal with kids is to put them in jail then the kids are not the problem.

This last one is enough to make a person cry.  It deals with the sex offender laws and how the very ones who were supposed to be protected by these are quickly being the ones incarcerated, photographed, and having their lives ruined.

  I don't know what to say to all of this.  I'm just some schmoke, fiddling on a computer.  But, at least you know what I've seen and maybe somehow we can put some sort of end to some of this. 

Be well.


Anonymous said...

I try to answer:
Conservative churches are against birth control and abortion.
This leads to unwanted pregnancies.
This leads to unloved children.
All children require some attention to what kind
They get to every action has a reaction and therefore a reinforcement(positive or negative).
At the unloved children often negative behaviors are reinforced.
This leads to "deviance" and "antisocial behavior".
When one thinks ahead, the next step, the criminalization of behavior and then the youth prison.
So Prevented birth control fills the cashes of the operators of prisons.
This is my opinion that I have gained in my professional life.
There is a segment of "self-fulfilling prophecy."

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
Your comment lead to a strange ending, one I didn't expect, but one that seems quite sharp. It's frightening to wonder if the end result you detail is intentional.
be well;