Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Living the life illegal....

Imagine if it were illegal to have blue eyes or be under 5ft 10ins and if breaking this law meant you could go to prison or face attack or even death. In many countries around the world, gay people don’t have to imagine it. They already face the very real prospect of being criminalised for their sexuality. In no fewer than 78 countries around the world homosexual acts are still illegal. In five of them the maximum penalty is death.

Hi Friends;
  What a frightening concept.  I guess I've grown accustomed to being a second class citizen in this land of the free.  I guess I've come to accept, if in no other way than exasperation, that those who are homosexual are treated differently for no other reason than the lover in their bed.  And oddly, we are still expected to profer the same taxes - more, in fact as we are not given the benefits of marriage.  And yet, in all of that, we are given yet a certain degree of freedom inherent in being an American - if not the perfect freedom, at least the right to yet live, provided one doesn't listen to North Carolina politicians or preachers. 
  I mourn for a world that still houses such horrid people and places them in leadership positions so as to create cultures and political environments where one can be a criminal for loving another consenting adult.  I don't care about Kim Kardashian, what Britney Spears wears at the next talent show, or the incessant ranting of spoiled men and women of politics who create little but noise.  There are people dying, wasting away in prison, and living in fear for no reason more than prejudice. 


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
Yes, you could say we're lucky to at least have the freedoms we do, given the countries we live in, I suppose, but, as you say, the arbitrariness of why many see us as second class citizens, and for no better reason than if blue eyes were outlawed, is frustrating, to say the least. What doesn't seem coincidental to me, though, is the numbers of countries that class themselves as 'religious' where homosexuality is illegal, or, at least, strongly disapproved of - and I'm afraid I have to include your country, or large sections of it, in that list. God loves you - as long as you're not one of those filthy gays, it seems.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
I read your post the other day. It is so hot here that I'm falling out as soon as I get home.
The thing I find so interesting about those who classify themselves religious is their very lack of understanding. They fail to understand the very religioun in which they stand so self-righteously. To be honest, they've become nothing more than hate-filled people in a religion founded upon love. That's a scary thought.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy, Hello Sammy...I did a video post thanking Randy for this post. But Sammy I thought you were closing your blog? I have not been back as I thought you were done with the public. Email me and bring me up to date on your self. I care about you. Hugs to both of you.

Scottie said...

another thought. Some one did this much better than I...but what if they came for you and I said nothing..because it was not me...and then when they came for me...there was no one to protest left....

My best to both of you. Hugs