Monday, August 27, 2012

An Interesting Debate

Hello Friends;

  I have always thought it would be fantastic to see two people, two rational people, debate some of the very prominant topics in our culture to date.... specifically, gay marriage. 

Well, there we go.  It's about an hour, but well worth it, imo.

Please tell me what you think.



Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I started to watch this. I like the beginning.. unfortunately I am way behind on the things I need to shows and stuff.

But I will add this to my watch list as I am a big supporter of people being able to sit and talk about things..even if they don't agree. No one in their right mind would say we all need to agree lock step with each other, but we do need to be able to talk to each about what we do believe, feel and think. We should be able to have different opinions and express them with out anger and hate, with out feeling like it is a fight to the death. I often tell people I have no need to force a person to change, indeed no one can change another person , only them self. as this looks like a civilized exchange of ideas, I am not change my list and watch it now, but also make a post of it. thanks randy. Hugs

Scottie said...

ok sorry, but I am not able to finish this. I got most of the way through B>B> opening statement and felt such dislike for his open dishonesty that I decided my blood pressure was shooting way too high to continue.

it was not his taking biblical items out of context that got me, nor his insistence on people like him being right and not bigots, it was his lack of empirical facts, his reliance on a religion as law, his feeling that he has the right to dictate others actions, way of life based on his religious views that got me. No one was arguing his right to his beliefs, just his right to enforce them on the rest of us. I got upset with that mindset that his way made it OK to force the rest of us to live by his religious beliefs but he had no responsibility to even listen to the belief of others. Maybe I will go back and listen later, but he got my dander up. hugs